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So I will admit, I haven’t done much yoga lately. I get allergies this time of year. It’s hard to breathe and my eyes and throat get itchy. This makes yoga difficult; therefore I haven’t practiced.

I have to stop letting excuses keep me from practicing. I need to make yoga/meditation a habit! I’ve read practicing at the same time and in the same spot helps…Even if I sit or lay there for an hour, I want to roll out my mat everyday. And I want alone time to learn about myself (One should enjoy being alone 😉).

EVERY morning from 9-10 I WILL roll out my mat to practice. I am usually awake at 9, and I don’t work until 11…it’s perfect and there’s no excuse!


Kristi ❤️


It’s Time to Break the Cycle

Welcome to The Spirit in Me Blog! If you are reading this, THANK YOU for visiting my page :)! I have been a yoga enthusiast for three years now. My practice has been inconsistent…I typically practice for a few weeks/months then stop for a few weeks. It is an ongoing cycle 😓

Just like any typical 24 yr old, I’ve been trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life! I know I have my degree, but is it what I want to do until retirement!?! Throughout this process I have tried different hobbies, jobs, fitness plans, etc. YOGA stands out; I always come back, and I ALWAYS love it! I enjoy the physical and mental benefits.

I decided the best way to achieve a consistent yogi lifestyle is to record my experiences. I hope that you will join me on this journey! Please comment anytime!

Namaste (in Sanskrit this means “the Spirit in me bows to the Spirit in you”)

Kristi ❤