“Pre” Pre-Season

For anyone out there who plays a fall sport as I once did, you are just weeks away from…dun dun dunnnn…PRE-SEASON!!

Recently, I coached a day camp for my old high school coach. Some of the other coaches happened to be training for their upcoming season. After the kids left for the day, they did their running. I bravely asked to join in…I say bravely because even with all the yoga and random gym days, it’s been a while since I did any kind of sprinting!

The first time I asked to join we did two 4-minute “run as fast as you can” and count your yards. Ummm hello heart attack…I was a bit winded but I survived! I was impressed with myself and decided to run gassers with them the following day. (A gasser is the width of a football field up and back one time). We did 18 😳😵 lol! My legs were sore for about 3 days!

I am not going to lie…it made me miss it, I mean all of it! The running and lifting all summer, preseason three-a-days, being so sore and tired, camps, etc. What a lifestyle! It has been such a motivation boost for me! If I could do that for 8 years (high school and college!), then I can do ANYTHING!

What has inspired you recently to pursue your goals?!?


Kristi ❤


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